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Andrew is a sought-after thought leader, communicator and author with a passion for bringing people together.

After more than a decade of firsthand work with young adults from public school hallways to the boardrooms of corporate America, Andrew has honed an intimate understanding of the issues today’s young leaders face. Andrew leverages his experience and insights to give adults practical tools and actionable advice for leading today’s youngest population.

Andrew is the author of three books including Marching off the Map (2017), Generation Z Unfiltered (2019), and his latest resource: Ready for Real Life: Unpacking the Five Essential Skills Great Leaders Instill in Their Students. Ready for Real Life defines the five core soft skills that all students need and provides educators and leaders with simple ideas to implement these skills to help their students better face the challenges of the 21st century.

Andrew serves as the Vice President of Content at Growing Leaders. As head of content, Andrew works closely with schools, universities, and sports teams to implement the image-based learning system, Habitudes® as a tool to teach life and leadership skills.

Andrew writes regularly here at and is also the co-host of the Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore podcast.

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