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Inherited and Adopted Identities

Finding the resolve to take up responsibility and fight for something you believe can come only once you first know who you are.

T nagar - Crowded place in the city of madras
Photo by Karthik Chandran / Unsplash

It’s May 29th, 1918 and a ship full of Indian soldiers is just arriving back home from their stint in World War I. A little-known fact is that almost a million Indian soldiers fought alongside the British during the war and developed a reputation as fierce fighters.

As the soldiers disembarked off the ship, something disembarked along with them: Influenza (i.e. “The Spanish Flu”).

Just a few days later, several dock workers went to the hospital with fevers, showing signs of a mysterious illness. Before anyone knew what was happening, it was too late. The virus ravaged its way through the entire country.

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