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Ready for Real Life

Unpacking the Five Essential Soft Skills Great Leaders Instill in Their Students

Our technology-fueled world is faster and more convenient than ever, but are we better for it? The evidence now shows that for our youngest population — Generation Z — life has not gotten better. They are the most social generation in history, but they are also the loneliest. They are the smartest generation in history, but they also struggle in basic social interactions. They have more opportunities than ever before, but they tend to feel overwhelmed rather than empowered. And students aren’t the only ones who are struggling. Shorter attention spans, shifting learning styles, standardized test preparation, and continuously changing policies, are all creating frustrations for educators as well.

To address these challenges, the world’s greatest educators and leaders are changing their strategy. Instead of just emphasizing grades and tests, these leaders focus on instilling their students with skills they can use to make more positive life choices for themselves. These timeless soft skills go by many names in the modern world, but no matter what we call them, they all lead to one outcome: young adults who are ready for real life.

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Ready for Real Life defines the five core soft skills all students need. Using compelling stories and practical insights, this book shows how these five skills, though timeless in human history, are still our best strategy to prepare young adults for the 21st century.

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