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Push That Little Green Button

This is why I think you should hit "subscribe."

Push That Little Green Button
Photo by Peter Conlan / Unsplash

Hey everyone, Andrew here. So excited that you've found your way to this site. My guess is, you are here because you are like me:

  • You really care about growing your personal leadership potential.
  • You are inspired by interesting ideas that could make the world better.
  • You want to be connected with people who care about these things too.

Am I warm?

Because I love ideas and the world changers that they inspire, I decided to create a place where people who care about the same things I do can come to be inspired, challenged, intrigued, and perhaps even frustrated. That's why this isn't just a website where I try and sell you on the brand that is Andrew McPeak (I don't really have one). Instead, I created this to gather a community.

Yes, I will share what I am working on.
Yes, there will be new resources coming (get pumped) that I will post about.
Yes, I am trying to grow myself in this process.

But that's really not the whole story. There are lots of people way smarter than me writing on the internet. I created this place because I think the future of great content isn't about the content at all, it's about the relationships we build through the things we create. The community that is born when we share our ideas.

That's why there's a catch...

Here it is: You gotta sign up. You have to push that little green button and subscribe (Don't worry it's free).

Why subscribe? I've decided not to post all my ideas here. Instead, I'm sending most of the good stuff to the inboxes of those who sign up for it. When you sign up, you can expect something from me every week. By the way, I'll also expect that if my thoughts cause you to have an idea of your own, you'll hit reply and tell me all about it.

So, go ahead. Hit that button.


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